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Say you are an employer who only after careful consideration of job duties and a salary-basis test would exempt an employee from FLSA requirements. A few years down the road Colorado Rockies T-Shirts , the Department of Labor (DOL) audits your organization and finds that they disagree with your interpretation for exemptions. Due to the complex nature of the FLSA, this is a perfectly plausible scenario. The law is so ripe to multiple interpretations that a recent case on FLSA classification went to the Supreme Court. In another recent case, the DOL settled with First Republic Bank for over $1 million for misclassifying 392 employees.

The trend is becoming that even employers with the best due diligence and honest intentions are being tripped up. Now is the time to hedge against the worst-case scenario of being charged with FLSA violations, and to do so is relatively easy.

If you are like the majority of organizations, there are both exempt and non-exempt workers on your payroll, but with your time and attendance software you only record the hours worked for the non-exempt Colorado Rockies Hoodie , “hourly” employees. This is the decision that will haunt you if the worst-case scenario comes to fruition. The DOL will need to determine how many hours each employee worked each week, and then you will have to properly compensate them their annual rate, plus overtime for hours worked over 40 in a week. Your organization does not have these records, so that means it will be your word against the employees’ word. The employees almost always have the final say.

Establishing a company-wide practice of all employees clocking in upon arrival and clocking out upon departure will allow you to provide the DOL with the accurate time records they request. It will then be much more difficult for employees to retroactively pad their time worked.

Most organizations balk at company-wide timekeeping because they think this means having salaried workers “punch the clock” each day. This is not the case with today’s time and attendance software technology. Time entries can be captured upon arrival by simply integrating your timekeeping system with your security system. Another option is seamlessly capturing time entries when they log in and out of their computer (as done with the TC-1 Log Clock).

If you still need a reason to protect against a costly settlement for misclassification, think of expanding time and attendance data collection as part of a greater organizational mission, such as better security (knowing who exactly is in the office at all times) and labor analytics (tracking time spent on projects).
Dogs see nothing wrong in jumping Customized Colorado Rockies Jersey , especially when this behavior has been inadvertently tolerated by their owners from when they were puppies. Remember how you found it cute when the puppy would jump up and down to greet you? Without realizing it, we actually encouraged the jumping behavior and now that the dog is bigger, we don?t like it especially when we?re all dressed up with somewhere to go. It becomes an even bigger problem when your dogs jump on strangers or worse, your guests.

Usually, it is the smaller sized dogs that are encouraged to jump, because we find it cute Cheap Colorado Rockies Jersey , and think it?s a sign of their affection. Bigger sized dogs are usually not trained to jump; in fact, jumping is a complete no-no because with their size, they are bound to topple you down or even bruise you with their paws.

Why Dogs Jump

Dogs usually jump because of excitement and as a greeting for their returning owner or family members. This is normal.

Some dogs do this to try to exert their domination over you, especially when they want something. Being pack animals and used to hierarchies in rank, it?s their way of trying to declare physical superiority over you or somebody else. Note the word ?trying.? A dog will do it if you let him. If you don?t want him to, then you will have to train him not to.

How to Curb the Jumping Habit

Be consistent. First Trevor Story Rockies Jersey , you must remember that you will have to be consistent when training your dog to modify this habit. If you let him jump at you sometimes and forbid him from doing so at other times, he will not be able to tell the difference between these times. If you want him to stop the jumping habit, then don?t let him jump at you at all.

Do the cold shoulder. Dogs understand human body language. Teaching him that jumping is not acceptable by ignoring him is an effective training method. Whenever your dog jumps at you, fold your arms, turn away and ignore him. Each time he tries to jump do the same thing again, and eventually he will learn that this is unacceptable dog behavior. Body language is important here. By showing him Todd Helton Rockies Jersey , through your posture, that you don?t like what he?s doing you are conveying the message in a manner that he will learn to understand.

When the dog puts his paws back on the ground, praise him. This will teach him that having his paws on the ground, away from you, is good behavior.

Do not worry that your dog would be hurt by you being cold one minute and warm the next. Dogs have a very short training memory. They will associate your reaction to whatever behavior they are exhibiting at the time you reacted, and will forget that you were giving them the cold shoulder previously.

Remember Nolan Arenado Rockies Jersey , be consistent. Dog training takes time. Teaching a dog not to jump will involve hours and hours of doing the same thing, turning away and ignoring him when he does, and praising him and giving him a treat when he puts his paws down.

If you would like to know more about canine problems and how to deal with them, you might be interested in SitStayFetch. This is a comprehensive, must-have manual that gives practical advice about dealing with problem dog behaviors. V. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale Jerseys

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