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Qingdao TV Zhang Jiandong Liu Song infants of non-payment of the new Hong Li Jing Abstract In this paper Wholesale MLB Jerseys , the Liberty Global Yacht Race in preparation studio with ideas and actual conditions of application. Key words "Urban Eye" LED large screen KEY DVR 2006 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race (Qingdao Station) sailing center live television studio located in Qingdao, the fifth studio. Although the fifth studio has been responsible for me Taiwan "Super Division football league live in Qingdao, but this morning, Clipper Qingdao live is the first time using aerial photography helicopters, sea vessels and land-based broadcast live combination vehicles , and the past are very different, which in our studio have higher requirements. Now, we live on the original idea and the realization of the process to conclusion. First video: the leading technical solutions proposed requirements: 1. Signal transmission requests from the master control room down the three-way outside broadcast signal, which is the external signal two-way main road, another road is reached from the news room Studio's "City eyes" signal. 2. Requested studio standby Switcher Internet. 3. Requested confidential studio's two titles simultaneously. 4. Requested video signal into the large screen and switcher for special production. 5. Demands hard drive camcorders into the video system. The face of these technical requirements are not particularly complex, but for our existing equipment, our comprehensive technical requirements are very high, the difficulty is very great. Figure 1 1. From the signal transmission: the general distribution of the signal is 13 video signals, using two transmission cars, which W digital microwave video camera signal Cheap MLB Jerseys , eight-way camera signals. W digital microwave helicopter from the air, the sea of camera ship signal, the land of the May 4th Square, and Pacific Point and other places, this can all point of view, the conduct of comprehensive broadcast. These signals are transmitted to the car through the broadcast master control room, sent from the master control room studio in the center (Figure 1). We used to live Super League at the time of transmission mainly passed down from the broadcast control room that is outside the two signals standby signal, but this will need to add all the way live outside the signal, that is, "City eyes" signal (Figure 2 ), which signals to us is very important to the entire live link, can be seen through the lens of both the beautiful seaside scenery of Qingdao City, but also that a large panorama of many sailing. Therefore, our technical staff and technical personnel on active coordination with the transmission line to find the one piece a line a line to right. Then the transfer line between the inside line on line number, the broadcast control room upstairs to the downstairs studio and then to transfer lines Cheap NFL Jerseys China , the non-stop run up and down. Finally in a very short period of time to complete the delivery shop signals and transmission in place, the first step is completed, it is necessary to the studio switcher to adjust. Because our Lord is Philip DD10 switcher switcher, it only can do a simple switch, can not do complex effects, but our leadership has asked to do double-window picture special effects, to increase the visual effects, rich pictures. So we decided to use the standby switch station Sony's DFS-700 switcher to do this stunt stunt double screen (Figure 3), and then convert to the main switching station to be broadcast, while doing stunts, prepared switcher also charged with the primary backup signals, as well as the main switching station to do a backup, but also for the studio in providing large screen LED video signal (video signal including the two-way external signals, "City eyes" signal, and provide DVR static standard plate Wholesale Jerseys China , and the boats of the plan. Figure 2 Figure 3 Second step, to solve the studio in two subtitles at the same time on the machine difficult. Live in the past, only a subtitle machine to complete the entire broadcast activities, while at the same time on two CG switching stations would need 2 DSK Tour button to complete, while the DD10 switcher only one DSK key, how to complete? Our technical staff open up thinking, brainstorming, after that discussion we decided to use the foreign key KEY is the brightness button to complete. Re-define and adjust the brightness keys KEY parameters, the superposition to normal after the switcher. A subtitle in the DSK button on the machine, another machine definition subtitles KEY key. The CG in the KEY signal should always keep rolling broadcast. This requires the brightness key KEY normally open. Although the operation is relatively trouble, but to the special requirements. In addition, we are very pleased about is our own power, using existing equipment to achieve a high-level switching only the power station can achieve, by the leadership at home. Author's Resource Box I am an expert from AaaNiMHBatteryCharger, while we provides the quality product Wholesale NFL Jerseys , such as China golf cart battery chargers , China 15 minute aa battery charger, li poly battery,and more.

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